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January 22, 2013

Hot guy of the day: Matt Dallas

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Matt Dallas shirtless

Matt Dallas shows off as much skin as is allowed on ABC Family for the final episode of his series Kyle XY. The blue-eyed actor starred as the title character in ABC Family’s Kyle XY from 2006 to 2009. Matt Dallas is also a male model. You can see him in Katy Perry’s music video for her 2010 hit Thinking of You. He played Perry’s soldier love who is shipped off abroad to a war. A extended version of the music video was released onto Katy Perry’s MySpace briefly after the mainstream version of the video released. This one shows more scenes of Perry and her best friend, actor Matt Dallas. You may wonder why Katy Perry didn’t date this hot actor instead of her ugly ex-husband. Unfortunately, Dallas is gay. You can see photos of Matt Dallas and his boyfriend here. I think this guy is even hotter than Perry’s current boyfriend John Mayer.

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